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Ce guide présente les modes et règles de prélèvement puis de stockage des otolithes de grands pélagiques (thons et espadons). Ils ont été mis en place dans le cadre de projets de recherche comme « Germon » (, « IOSSS-Espadon » ( et «thon rouge (ICCAT-GBYP) » et dans le cadre de réseaux de surveillance coordonnés au niveau international, en particulier au sein du règlement [...]
2014-09.   Document technique (spécification, manuel, ...)
Wang Peng, Mcwilliams James C., Menesguen Claire
The linear instability of several rotating, stably stratified, interior vertical shear flows (U) over bar (z) is calculated in Boussinesq equations. Two types of baroclinic, ageostrophic instability, AI1 and AI2, are found in odd-symmetric (U) over bar (z) for intermediate Rossby number (R-0). AI1 has zero frequency; it appears in a continuous transformation of the unstable mode properties between classic baroclinic instability (BCI) and centrifugal instability (CI). It begins to occur at [...]
2014-09.   Journal Of Fluid Mechanics
De Verdal Hugues, Vandeputte Marc, Pepey Elodie, Vidal Marie-Odile, Chatain Beatrice
The aims of the present study were to develop non-lethal methods to identify individual fish larvae and post-larvae before tagging and accurately follow their growth characteristics. European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) was used as a model species at four different ages ranging from 71 to 100 days post fertilization (dpf). Two different methods were tested for non-lethal tissue sampling from each larva for DNA analysis: 1) using a sterile absorbent paper to sample mucus and/or epithelial [...]
2014-10.   Aquaculture
Sauriau Pierre-Guy, Cajeri Pauline, Cottet Maud, Blanchet Hugues, Bachelet Guy, Lavesque Nicolas, De Montaudouin Xavier, Dubois Sophie, Pothier Anaelle, Auby Isabelle, Trut Gilles, Lamouroux Mélina
2010.   Poster
Lemaitre Nolwenn, Bayon Germain, Ondréas Helene, Caprais Jean-Claude, Freslon Nicolas, Bollinger Claire, Rouget Marie Laure, De Prunelé Alexis, Ruffine Livio, Olu Karine, Sarthou Géraldine
Seawater samples were collected by submersible above methane seeps in the Gulf of Guinea (Regab and Baboon pockmarks) in order to investigate the behaviour of iron (Fe), manganese (Mn) and rare earth elements (REE) during fluid seepage. Our aim was to determine whether cold seeps may represent potential sources of dissolved chemical species to the ocean. Dissolved (<0.45 μm filtered samples) and total dissolvable (unfiltered samples) concentrations were determined over ∼50 m long vertical [...]
2014-10.   Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Le Gac Pierre-Yves, Arhant Mael, Davies Peter, Muhr Alan
Natural rubber has been successfully used in a marine environment for many years. However, most applications involve low dynamic loadings. Due to the emergence of marine energy recovery, wave and tidal energy converters are being developed. In some such devices, rubbers are subjected to severe cyclic loadings, very different from their previous use in air or water. Such rubbers must therefore be qualified for long-term use in sea water with high fatigue loading. This paper presents a study using [...]
IN PRESS.   Materials & Design
Rodgers K. B., Aumont Olivier, Fletcher S. E. Mikaloff, Plancherel Y., Bopp L., De Boyer Montegut Clement, Iudicone D., Keeling R. F., Madec Gerard, Wanninkhof R.
Here we test the hypothesis that winds have an important role in determining the rate of exchange of CO2 between the atmosphere and ocean through wind stirring over the Southern Ocean. This is tested with a sensitivity study using an ad hoc parameterization of wind stirring in an ocean carbon cycle model, where the objective is to identify the way in which perturbations to the vertical density structure of the planetary boundary in the ocean impacts the carbon cycle and ocean biogeochemistry. [...]
2014.   Biogeosciences
Bouleau Aurelien, Desvignes Thomas, Traverso Juan Martin, Nguyen Thaovi, Chesnel Franck, Fauvel Christian, Bobe Julien
The molecular mechanisms underlying and determining egg developmental competence remain poorly understood in vertebrates. Nucleoplasmin (Npm2) is one of the few known maternal effect genes in mammals, but this maternal effect has never been demonstrated in nonmammalian species. A link between developmental competence and the abundance of npm2 maternal mRNA in the egg was previously established using a teleost fish model for egg quality. The importance of maternal npm2 mRNA for egg developmental [...]
2014-08.   Biology Of Reproduction
Cresson Pierre, Fabri Marie-Claire, Bouchoucha Marc, Brach Papa Christophe, Chavanon Fabienne, Jadaud Angelique, Knoery Joel, Marco-Miralles Francoise, Cossa Daniel
Mercury (Hg) is a global threat for marine ecosystems, especially within the Mediterranean Sea. The concern is higher for deep-sea organisms, as the Hg concentration in their tissues is commonly high. To assess the influence of food supply at two trophic levels, total Hg concentrations and carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios were determined in 7 species (4 teleosts, 2 sharks, and 1 crustacean) sampled on the upper part of the continental slope of the Gulf of Lions (Northwestern [...]
2014-11.   Science of The Total Environment
Perez Agundez José A., Yimam Eden, Raux Pascal, Rey-Valette Helene, Girard Sophie
The economic impacts induced by the harmful effects of pollution or negative natural events are heterogeneous and depend on the event type and intensity, as well as the characteristic make-up of agents affected. This vulnerability analysis evaluates how each agent (or group of agents) is potentially affected by an external stress or event with respect to risk of exposure, sensitivity or intensity of subjection, and coping capacity of these agents in order to avoid or reduce its effects. Using a [...]
2014-05.   Marine Policy
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