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Salton Marcus, Saraux Claire, Dann Peter, Chiaradia André
Using body mass and breeding data of individual penguins collected continuously over 7 years (2002–2008), we examined carry-over effects of winter body mass on timing of laying and breeding success in a resident seabird, the little penguin (Eudyptula minor). The austral winter month of July consistently had the lowest rate of colony attendance, which confirmed our expectation that penguins work hard to find resources at this time between breeding seasons. Contrary to our expectation, body mass [...]
2015-01.   Royal Society Open Science
Huse Geir, Mackenzie Brian R., Trenkel Verena, Doray Mathieu, Nottestad Leif, Oskarsson Guomundur J.
The north Atlantic is a productive marine region which has supported important commercial fisheries for centuries. Many of these fisheries have exploited the pelagic species, including herring, blue whiting and tuna. Here we present data on the distribution of herring and blue whiting based on surveys in the Norwegian Sea, the Bay of Biscay and Celtic Sea. We also present catch data on bluefin tuna, which has been depleted for decades, but historically used to be a key predator on the other [...]
2014.   Earth System Science Data Discussions
Doscher R., Vihma Timo, Maksimovich Elena
Sea ice is the central component and most sensitive indicator of the Arctic climate system. Both the depletion and areal decline of the Arctic sea ice cover, observed since the 1970s, have accelerated since the millennium. While the relationship of global warming to sea ice reduction is evident and underpinned statistically, it is the connecting mechanisms that are explored in detail in this review. Sea ice erodes both from the top and the bottom. Atmospheric, oceanic and sea ice processes [...]
2014.   Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics
Reul Nicolas, Quilfen Yves, Chapron Bertrand, Fournier Severine, Kudryavtsev Vladimir, Sabia Roberto
An analysis is presented for the spatial and intensity distributions of North Atlantic extreme atmospheric events crossing the buoyant Amazon-Orinoco freshwater plume. The sea surface cooling amplitude in the wake of an ensemble of storm tracks traveling in that region is estimated from satellite products for the period 1998-2012. For the most intense storms, cooling is systematically reduced by approximate to 50% over the plume area compared to surroundings open-ocean waters. Historical [...]
2014-12.   Journal Of Geophysical Research-oceans
Gohin Francis, Bryere Philippe, Griffiths Joshua
A succession of storms during the winter 2013-2014 enhanced the resuspension of sediments in the surface waters of the North-West European shelf seas. The effects of waves on satellite-derived non-algal SPM (Suspended Particulate Matters) are discussed for the January 2008-March 2014 period. A simple statistical model relating locally SPM to tidal intensity and waves help us analyse the main characteristics of the winter 2013-2014. The exceptional run of storms observed in this stormy and rainy [...]
IN PRESS.   Journal of Marine Systems
Brissard Charline, Herve Fabienne, Sibat Manoella, Sechet Veronique, Hess Philipp, Amzil Zouher, Herrenknecht Christine
The presence of Ostreopsis cf. ovata on the Mediterranean coast represents a serious concern to human health due to production of toxins–putative palytoxin and ovatoxins (ovatoxin-a, -b, -c, -d, -e, -f and -g). However, purified ovatoxins are not widely available and their toxicities are still unknown. In the present study, we report on HR LC-MS/MS analysis of a French Ostreopsis cf. ovata strain (IFR-OST-0.3 V) collected at Villefranche-sur-Mer (France) during a bloom in 2011. Investigation of [...]
IN PRESS.   Journal of Chromatography A
Krause Gesche, Brugere Cecile, Diedrich Amy, Ebeling Michael W., Ferse Sebastian C.A., Mikkelsen Eirik, Perez Agundez José A., Stead Selina M., Stybel Nardine, Troell Max
IN PRESS.   Aquaculture
Segarra Amelie
Le virus ostreid herpesvirus type 1 (OsHV-1), peut être considéré comme un des agents infectieux majeurs affectant les élevages d’huîtres creuses, Crassostrea gigas, en France et dans le monde. Des différences de mortalités ont été observées au sein de cette espèce lors de l’infection virale laissant suspecter une base génétique de la sensibilité à la maladie. Dans ce contexte, l’objectif principal du travail de thèse était de mieux comprendre les interactions entre l’huître creuse et OsHV-1, et [...]
2014-11-14.   Thèse
Carlier Clement, Pinon Gregory, Gaurier Benoit, Germain Gregory, Rivoalen Elie
The ambient turbulence intensity is a key factor in the study of marine current turbines. Indeed recent studies have shown that ambient turbulence intensity highly modifies the behavior of horizontal axis marine current turbines. Consequently numerical simulations have to represent the ambient turbulence or at least its effects on the performance and wake of the turbines. This paper presents the latest numerical developments carried out at LOMC in collaboration with IFREMER in order to take into [...]
2015-03.   Acte de colloque
Toften Hilde, Johansen L.M., Damsgard Borge, Amesen A.M., Lemarie Gilles
Infectlous pancreatlc necrosls (IPN) Is a virus dlsease that has been an Increaslng problem for Norweglan salmon farmlng lndustry. A major question is whether there Is a causal link between reduced water quality due to Intensive production and Increased frequency Of IPN-outbreaks. In the present study, we have examlned the effects of longterm exposure to three dlfferent concentrations of carbon dloxlde (CO2) and low pH on growth and susceptlbllity to IPN virus in Atlantic salmon.
2003-08.   Poster
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