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O'Sullivan Louise, Roussel Erwan, Weightman Andrew J.., Webster Gordon, Hubert Casey, Bell Emma, Head Ian, Sass Henrik, Parkes John R.
Bacterial spores are widespread in marine sediments, including those of thermophilic, sulphate-reducing bacteria, which have a high minimum growth temperature making it unlikely that they grow in situ. These Desulfotomaculum spp. are thought to be from hot environments and are distributed by ocean currents. Their cells and spores upper temperature limit for survival is unknown, as is whether they can survive repeated high-temperature exposure that might occur in hydrothermal systems. This was [...]
IN PRESS.   The ISME journal (Multidisciplinary Journal of Microbial Ecology)
Puillat Ingrid, Petihakis Georges, Sparnocchia Stefania, Farcy Patrick, Morin Pascal
The objective of the workshop was to address main issues of JERICO project: - TNA: overview and formal approval of the selected proposals after the 3rd call - The JERICO Label document: content and issues - The JERICO strategy for the future. The document reports hereafter the synthesis of the discussions
2014-04.   Document de travail
Maze Guillaume, Mercier Herle, Fablet Ronan, Lenca Philippe, Piolle Jean-Francois
Les bases de données marines, alimentées par les satellites et les robots autonomes sous-marins comme les flotteurs du réseau Argo, sont de plus en plus grandes (plusieurs dizaines de gigaoctets et teraoctets) et rapidement évolutives (elles changent d’heure en heure). Cette augmentation spectaculaire de la dimension et de la complexité des données rend difficile leur exploitation avec les outils standards. Or, c’est à partir de l’analyse des données que les chercheurs pourront réaliser de [...]
2014-10-16.   Rapport scientifique
Farcy Patrick, Puillat Ingrid, Petihakis Georges
The First JERICO General Assembly was organised in Heraklion on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2012. The coordinators took the opportunity of this important meeting, where most of partners were present, to organise other specific workshops and meetings plus individual WP meetings. Indeed, partners met in an informal way in short parallel WP meetings on Monday morning to prepare for the General Assembly discussions and to coordinate WP activities. In the afternoon of 1st Oct., a dedicated meeting officially [...]
2013-04.   Rapport
A workshop was held on October 16th to 18th 2013 at the Villefranche observatory to outline progress on emerging technologies within the JERICO FP7 project (Work-package 10). A particular focus of the workshop was to invite researchers outside the project consortium to: • Learn of technology developments within JERICO and • Present results of their own experiments and technology development The workshop was a mixture of invited talks and practical demonstrations of some of the technologies [...]
2014-07.   Rapport
Complemental to the first FCT workshop, the metrology laboratory of Ifremer Centre de Bretagne carried out a calibration experiment from the 8th to the 12th of October 2012. This experiment was promoted by the Jerico European project (JOINT EUROPEAN RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE NETWORK FOR COASTAL OBSERVATORIES), in the framework of a collaborative work proposed by the workpackage 4, “Maintenance and Calibration”, and the “Forum for Coastal Technologies”. The purpose of this experiment was to compare [...]
2013-06.   Rapport de contrat
Farcy Patrick, Puillat Ingrid, Durand Dominique, Beaume Nolwenn, Pichard Maelle
One of the main JERICO objectives is to establish a strategy for the future of the coastal observation. In other words, firstly JERICO has both to perform the state of the art with regards to European coastal observation systems and to help harmonizing technologies and sharing knowledge. Then according to the results of this first stage, the project will deliver a strategic plan to step forward. As a starting point, a roadmap was written in deliverable D1.2 “Rationale and Definitions for a [...]
2013-12.   Rapport de contrat
Puillat Ingrid, Aoustin Yannick, Monbet Philippe, Nolan Glenn
This report describes the different actions carried out within the Forum for Coastal Technology framework. FCT’s actions were implemented to better encourage collaboration between public stakeholders (scientists, managers, executives, ..) and private companies to ensure a common and coherent approach of the technical developments for operational oceanographic systems. In that sense, the two main FCT actions for this first JERICO’s year were dedicated to (1) enquire about needs and expectations [...]
2013-06.   Rapport de contrat
Farcy Patrick, Puillat Ingrid, Beaume Nolwenn
The main objectives of the 2nd period were to finalise the “best practices handbooks” for glider (with GROOM), ferrybox and fixed platform. The project organises also workshops on JRA (Villefranche in October 2013) for presenting the mid-term results of WP10. JERICO also launched the second and third calls for Trans National Access. The mid-term review has been pass successfully in june 2013. The second general Assembly was held in Oslo on the 5th and 6th of May 2014. A dedicated JERICO website [...]
2014.   Rapport de contrat
Ohana Jeremy, Bourdier Sylvain
Marine energy devices are still at development stage and many models are being tested in the different hydrodynamics facilities. Improving the measurements quality of these tests by exchanging between the technical staff of the Marinet partners is one of the Work Package 4 objectives. This report is an experience feedback from Marinet tests. It was written mostly from Ifremer experience and aim to present the instrumentation techniques needed to carry out quality tank testing. The first part [...]
2014.   Document technique (spécification, manuel, ...)
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