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Sasaki Hideharu, Klein Patrice, Qiu Bo, Sasai Yoshikazu
Ocean eddies (with a size of 100-300 km), ubiquitous in satellite observations, are known to represent about 80% of the total ocean kinetic energy. Recent studies have pointed out the unexpected role of smaller oceanic structures (with 1-50 km scales) in generating and sustaining these eddies. The interpretation proposed so far invokes the internal instability resulting from the large-scale interaction between upper and interior oceanic layers. Here we show, using a new high-resolution [...]
2014-12-15.   Nature Communications
Hussenot Mathieu, Pouvreau Stephane, Duchene Julie, Freulon Henry, Arzul Isabelle, Lapegue Sylvie
En complément du rapport final (Anonyme (2014). PERLE. Programme d'expérimentation et de recherche sur l'huître plate Ostrea edulis. Rapport final de l'ensemble du projet 2011-2014., ce document présente une synthèse des principaux résultats du programme PERLE et ouvre de multiples perspectives pour les années à venir.
2014-11.   Rapport
L'édition des Guides du chef de mission des campagnes halieutiques vise en particulier les campagnes inscrites dans des séries de relevés pluri-annuels (campagnes benthiques, démersales et pélagiques). Mais elle concerne également toutes les campagnes halieutiques dont les données sont déposées auprès du Système d'information halieutique - campagnes à la mer. Cette documentation sur la campagne PELGAS est publiée pour répondre aux objectifs suivants : - Constituant le complément opérationnel aux [...]
2015-01-27.   Document normatif (norme, référentiel, protocole,...)
Magraoui Amira, Baulier Loic, Blanchard Fabian
Le recrutement du stock de crevette farfantepeneus subtilis est en déclin, ainsi que le stock. La pression de pêche n’en serait pas la cause. En parallèle, des changements au sein de diverses composantes de l’écosystème sont observés. Ce travail met en évidence l’existence possible de relations entre les changements environnementaux observés et la baisse du recrutement.
2014-07.   Rapport de contrat
Cuif Jean-Pierre, Burghammer Manfred, Chamard Virginie, Dauphin Yannicke, Godard Pierre, Le Moullac Gilles, Nehrke Gernot, Perez-Huerta Alberto
Consistently classified among the references for calcite simple prisms, the microstructural units that form the outer layer of the Pinctada margaritifera have been investigated through a series of morphological, crystallographical and biochemical characterizations. It is often said that the polygonal transverse shape of the prisms result from the competition for space between adjacent crystals. In contrast to this classical scheme the Pinctada prisms appear to be composed of four successive [...]
2014-12.   Minerals
Madec Stephanie, Pichereau Vianney, Jacq Annick, Paillard Mathieu, Boisset Claire, Guerard Fabienne, Paillard Christine, Nicolas Jean-Louis
Vibrio tapetis causes the brown ring disease in the Japanese clam Ruditapes philippinarum while Vibrio aestuarianus is associated with massive oyster mortalities. As extracellular proteins are often associated with the virulence of pathogenic bacteria, we undertook a proteomic approach to characterize the secretomes of both vibrios. The extracellular proteins (ECPs) of both species were fractionated by SEC-FPLC and in vitro assays were performed to measure the effects of each fraction on [...]
2014-11.   Plos One
Gimenez Olivier, Buckland Stephen T., Morgan Byron J. T., Bez Nicolas, Bertrand Sophie, Choquet Rémi, Dray Stephane, Etienne Marie-Pierre, Fewster Rachel, Gosselin Frédéric, Merigot Bastien, Monestiez Pascal, Morales Juan M., Mortier Frédéric, Munoz François, Ovaskainen Otso, Pavoine Sandrine, Pradel Roger, Schurr Frank M., Thomas Len, Thuiller Wilfried, Trenkel Verena, De Valpine Perry, Rexstad Eric
The desire to predict the consequences of global environmental change has been the driver towards more realistic models embracing the variability and uncertainties inherent in ecology. Statistical ecology has gelled over the past decade as a discipline that moves away from describing patterns towards modelling the ecological processes that generate these patterns. Following the fourth International Statistical Ecology Conference (1–4 July 2014) in Montpellier, France, we analyse current trends [...]
2014-12-24.   Biology Letters
Wang He, Zhu Jianhua, Yang Jingsong
Nowadays, spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) has become a powerful tool for providing significant wave height (SWH). Traditionally, validation of SAR derived SWH has been carried out against buoy measurements or model outputs, which only yield an inter-comparison, but not an "absolute" validation. In this study, the triple collocation error model has been introduced in the validation of Envisat ASAR derived SWH products. SWH retrievals from ASAR wave mode using ESA's algorithm are [...]
2014-12.   Remote Sensing
Nicolle Jean Pierre, Knockaert Camille
1983-07.   Rapport
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