Controle commande d'un robot sousmarin

Autre(s) titre(s) Control of a high load subsea robot.
Type Communication avec actes
Date 1990-12
Langue(s) Français
Auteur(s) Durand D, Domingo J, Levallois E
Conférence Intervention Sous-Marine ISM 90, Toulon (France), 3-5 Dec 1990
Source Actes de colloques. Ifremer. Brest [ACTES COLLOQ. IFREMER.]. 1991
Keyword(s) Marine technology, Acoustics, Connecting, Connectors, Oil wells, Sensors, Hydraulics, Robots, Manipulators
Résumé en anglais This system is composed of a high accuracy hydraulic manipulator arm with 6 degrees of freedom, for high loads (2000 daN), using ultrasound proximetry and contact force measurement data to carry out the subsea connection of bottom oil wells. An expert system controls the connection phases and generates the sequences of commands to be executed by the robot. The safety systems and failure modes are also taken into account. A graphic operator station provides easy control. Each connection phase generates a graphic representation of the robot status and all the proprioceptive and exteroceptive sensors. The control/command system, although it is designed to carry out a subsea connection by means of a manipulator arm, can be adapted to any type of process. For example, it will soon be used to control the decoking process in an oil refinery.
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