L'aquaculture des crevettes, role de la nutrition

Autre(s) titre(s) (Shrimp aquaculture, nutrition effects.).
Type Communication avec actes
Date 1987-06
Langue(s) Français
Auteur(s) Guillaume Julien
Conférence Aspects récents de la biologie des crustacés. Concarneau (France), 6 Jun 1987
Source Actes de colloques. Ifremer. Brest [ACTES COLLOQ. IFREMER.]. 1988
Keyword(s) Penaeidae, Malacostraca, Artificial feeding, Nutritional requirements, Feeding, Animal nutrition
Résumé en anglais Shrimp and prawn aquaculture is developing fast and amounts presently to 8% of world consumption. It concerns mainly various species of penaeids and is done with different techniques where feeding plays a variable role. This role is discussed both in the case of more or less extensive farming and in the case of intensive farming. The lack of knowledge in the field of nutrition itself is emphasized as well as the importance of feed technology both for juvenile foods and larval microcapsules or microparticles.
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