Enrichment of live foods.

Type Proceedings paper
Date 1989-02
Language English
Author(s) Watanabe T
Meeting Advances in Tropical Aquaculture, Workshop at Tahiti, French Polynesia, 20 Feb - 4 Mar 1989
Source Actes de colloques Ifremer, Tahiti, French Polynesia, 20 Feb - 4 Mar 1989, n°9, chap. 57, pp.609
Keyword(s) Penaeus japonicus, Malacostraca, Rotifera, Diets, Larvae, Brine shrimp culture, Nutrition, Marine crustaceans, Shrimp culture, Hatcheries, Fish culture
Abstract Live foods such rotifers and Artemia are still indispensable for mass propagation of larval fish. At present, more than 20 fish and crustacean species are mass produced in Japanese governmental fish farming centres and private hatcheries. Fry are either released into the coastal areas or used for commercial cultivation. This culture technology is rapidly developing with new species being introduced each year and larval rearing is increasingly identified as the number one constraint. Artemia is used most extensively, particularly for the mass production of Kuruma prawn, Penaeus japonicus .
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