Arbitrarily primed PCR to type Vibrio spp. Pathogenic for shrimp

Type Article
Date 1999-03
Language English
Author(s) Goarant Cyrille1, Merien F2, Berthe Franck3, Mermoud I4, Perolat P2
Affiliation(s) 1 : Inst Pasteur, Lab Leptospires, Noumea 98845, New Caledonia.
2 : IFREMER, Lab Rech Aquacole, Noumea 98846, New Caledonia.
3 : CIRAD, EMVT, Programme Elevage, Noumea 98845, New Caledonia.
4 : IFREMER, Lab Biol & Ecol Invertebres Marins, F-17390 La Tremblade, France.
Source Applied And Environmental Microbiology (0099-2240) (Amer Soc Microbiology), 1999-03 , Vol. 65 , N. 3 , P. 1145-1151
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Abstract A molecular typing study on Vibrio strains implicated in shrimp disease outbreaks in New Caledonia and Japan was conducted by using AP-PCR (arbitrarily primed PCR). It allowed rapid identification of isolates at the genospecies level and studies of infraspecific population structures of epidemiological interest. Clusters identified within the species Vibrio penaeicida were related to their area of origin, allowing discrimination between Japanese and New Caledonian isolates, as well as between those from two different bays in New Caledonia separated by only 50 km. Other subclusters of New Caledonian V. penaeicida isolates could be identified, but it was not possible to link those differences to accurate epidemiological features. This contribution of AP-PCR to the study of vibriosis in penaeid shrimps demonstrates its high discriminating power and the relevance of the epidemiological information provided. This approach would contribute to better knowledge of the ecology of Vibrio spp. and their implication in shrimp disease in aquaculture.
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Goarant Cyrille, Merien F, Berthe Franck, Mermoud I, Perolat P (1999). Arbitrarily primed PCR to type Vibrio spp. Pathogenic for shrimp. Applied And Environmental Microbiology, 65(3), 1145-1151. Open Access version :