The littoral semi-diurnal tidal wave in the gulf of biscay

Type Article
Date 1974
Language English
Author(s) Hyacinthe Jean-Louis
Source Journal title unknown (Accademia nazionale dei Lincei, Rome), 1974 , N. 206 , P. 97-102
Mot-Clé(s) Histoire Ifremer
Abstract At the same time as the technological developement of a new deep-sea tide gauge, taking advantage from the work of Eyries [I], scientific studies on the off-shore tides are carried at the Oceanographic Center of Brest. First of all, we made a rapid survey on tide at the limit of the littoral part of the Gulf of Biscay. The positions of the six stations on the bathymetric line of 200 meters are given by the fig. I. The current measurements were made by Aanderaa currentmeters and those regarding the variation of the sea level by a prototype of the french tide gauge using a differential manometer with vibrating strings. The measurements lasted for about two days. During this period, the semi-diurnal tide is represented by the M2 component of a period T? = 12.42 hours = 2 ?/?? . [NOT CONTROLLED OCR]
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