Ocean bottom refraction seismograph (obrs)

Type Article
Date 1978
Language English
Author(s) Avedik Félix, Renard Vincent, Buisine Didier, Cornic Jean-Yves
Source Marine Geophysical Researches (D. Reidel Publishing Company), 1978 , Vol. 3 , P. 357-379
Mot-Clé(s) Histoire Ifremer
Abstract This paper describes a pop-up ocean bottom seismograph designed primarily for refraction surveys both on the continental shelf and in deep sea. Its development is the extension of our system based on seismic detectors located on the sea floor with radio transmission of seismic signals and used for seismic refraction studies on the continental shelf. The seismic detectors (vertical geophone or hydrophone and two orthogonally mounted horizontal geophones) are located outside of the pressure vessel on the main frame. Optionally, the seismic sensors may be decoupled from the main frame assembly.This decoupling is performed by a mobile arm positioning the separate three component sensor package on the sea floor. [NOT CONTROLLED OCR]
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Avedik Félix, Renard Vincent, Buisine Didier, Cornic Jean-Yves (1978). Ocean bottom refraction seismograph (obrs). Marine Geophysical Researches, 3, 357-379. Open Access version : https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00000/5174/