Selection and evaluation of seafood-borne psychrotrophic lactic acid bacteria as inhibitors of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria

Type Article
Date 2009-09
Language English
Author(s) Matamoros Sebastien1, 2, Pilet Marie-France2, Gigout Frederique1, Prevost Herve2, Leroi Francoise1
Affiliation(s) 1 : IFREMER, Dept Sci & Tech Alimentaires, F-44311 Nantes 3, France.
2 : ENITIAA, SECALIM ENVN, INRA, UMR 1014, Nantes, France.
Source Food Microbiology (0740-0020) (Elsevier), 2009-09 , Vol. 26 , N. 6 , P. 638-644
DOI 10.1016/
WOS© Times Cited 67
Keyword(s) Carnobacterium alterfunditum, Lactobacillus fuchuensis, Leuconostoc gelidum, Lactococcus piscium, Psychrotrophic, Inhibition, Seafood, Lactic acid bacteria
Abstract In this study, inhibitory psychrotrophic lactic acid bacteria were isolated and investigated for future use in biopreservation of seafood products. Screening of 5575 colonies isolated from various seafood products resulted in the selection of 132 colonies presenting inhibitory properties. Among them, 52 isolates had characteristics of LAB and showed growth at 15 °C but not at 30 °C. The inhibition spectrum of these 52 isolates against 14 target strains (Gram-positive and -negative) showed inhibition of typical seafood spoiling and pathogenic bacteria and enabled the formation of seven interesting clusters. Sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene of a representative isolate from each cluster identified three Leuconostoc gelidum, two Lactococcus piscium, one Lactobacillus fuchuensis and one Carnobacterium alterfunditum. Theses strains did not produce histamine nor tyramine, and showed no particular antibiotic resistance profile. Growth rate as a function of temperature was tested for one L. piscium and one L. gelidum isolate and confirmed their psychrotrophic behavior. One out of seven isolates showed bacteriocin-like activity. The inhibition mechanisms of the other isolates are still unknown but may be due to competition for substrate. Absence of a bacteriocin-like component could be a positive point to gain rapid authorization for food application in France. This collection of LAB is now ready for testing on products.
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Matamoros Sebastien, Pilet Marie-France, Gigout Frederique, Prevost Herve, Leroi Francoise (2009). Selection and evaluation of seafood-borne psychrotrophic lactic acid bacteria as inhibitors of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria. Food Microbiology, 26(6), 638-644. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :