Using airborne laser altimetry to estimate Sabellaria alveolata (Polychaeta: Sabellariidae) reefs volume in tidal flat environments

Type Article
Date 2010-12
Language English
Author(s) Noernberg Mauricio Almeida1, 2, Fournier Jerome2, Dubois StanislasORCID3, Populus Jacques3
Affiliation(s) 1 : Univ Fed Parana, Ctr Estudos Mar, BR-83255000 Pontal Do Sul, PR, Brazil.
2 : Museum Natl Hist Nat, UMR 7208 BOREA, CNRS, F-35800 Dinard, France.
3 : Technopole Brest Iroise, DYNECO Ecol Benth, IFREMER, F-29280 Plouzane, France.
Source Estuarine Coastal And Shelf Science (0272-7714) (Academic Press Ltd- Elsevier Science Ltd), 2010-12 , Vol. 90 , N. 2 , P. 93-102
DOI 10.1016/j.ecss.2010.07.014
WOS© Times Cited 33
Keyword(s) LiDAR, volume, reef-building polychaete, Sabellaria alveolata, tidal flats, Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel
Abstract This study has exploited aerial photographs and LiDAR digital elevation model to quantify intertidal complex landforms volume. A first volume estimation of the main sabellariid polychaete reef complex of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel - France is presented. The Sabellaria alveolata is an engineering species that heavily modifies its environment. This gregarious tube-building annelid forms dense and solid reefs of bioclastic coarse sand which can reach several km(2). Since 1970 a very strong decline of reefs has been observed. The authorities have curbed fishing activities without any noticeable changes in reef health status. The S. alveolata reef volume is estimated to be 132 048 m(3) (96 301 m(3) for Sainte-Anne reef and 35 747 m(3) for Champeaux reef). Further LiDAR data surveys will be needed to be able to understand and quantify the accretion/erosion processes in play in the reef dynamic. Because of the internal variability of topographic complexity of the reef, characterized by crevices, cracks, and holes rather than whole blocks, further studies are needed to calculate more accurately the volume of the reef. (C) 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Noernberg Mauricio Almeida, Fournier Jerome, Dubois Stanislas, Populus Jacques (2010). Using airborne laser altimetry to estimate Sabellaria alveolata (Polychaeta: Sabellariidae) reefs volume in tidal flat environments. Estuarine Coastal And Shelf Science, 90(2), 93-102. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :