Effect of stripping frequency on turbot spawn quality.

Type Proceedings paper
Date 1991
Language English
Author(s) Fauvel Christian1, Omnes Marie-HeleneORCID1, Suquet Marc1, Normant Yvon1
Affiliation(s) 1 : Ifremer, France
Meeting International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, La Rochelle, France, 26 Sept.-1er Oct.1991.
Source ICES - C.M. 1991/F:34, pp.1-12
Note Mariculture Committee
Abstract In production operations the application of daily examination of each female of broodstock should be a determinant progress in hatchery management in terms of fry output.
The eggs expelled shortly after ovulation by means of a systematic fivefold a week stripping attempt of females, presented a high viability rate (72%) compared to that of eggs collected twice a week (46%) whereas the treatments did not have any effect on female fecundity.
Increase of the stripping rhythm brought the hatching rates and broodstock fertilities respectively from 11% to 35% and from 20,000 to 65,000 larvae/kg of spawning female. The enhancement of egg quality and of the resulting larva production is discussed.
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