Perspectives and Integration in SOLAS Science

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Date 2014
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Author(s) Garcon Veronique1, Bell Thomas G2, 3, 4, Wallace Douglas5, Arnold Steve R.6, Baker Alex R.4, Bakker Dorothee C. E.4, Bange Hermann W.7, Bates Nicholas R.8, Bopp Laurent9, Boutin Jacqueline10, Boyd Phili^w.11, Bracher Astrid12, Burrows John P.13, Carpenter Lucy J14, de Leeuw Gerrit15, 16, 17, Fennel Katja5, Font Jordi18, Friedrich Tobias19, Garbe Christoph S.20, Gruber Nicolas21, Jaegle Lyatt22, Lana Arancha23, Lee James D.4, 24, Liss Peter S.7, Miller Lisa A.25, Olgun Nazli26, Olsen Are7, Pfeil Benjamin27, Quack Birgit28, Read Katie A.29, Reul NicolasORCID5, Rodenbeck Christian31, Rohekar Oliver32, Saiz-Lopez Alfonso, Saltzman Eric S., Schneising Oliver13, Schuster Ute34, Seferian Roland35, Seinhoff Tobias7, Le Traon Pierre-Yves36, Ziska Franziska7
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Book Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions of Gases and Particles Springer Earth System Sciences 2014. Editors: Peter S. Liss, Martin T. Johnson ISBN: 978-3-642-25642-4, pp 247-306
Abstract Why a chapter on Perspectives and Integration in SOLAS Science in this book? SOLAS science by its nature deals with interactions that occur: across a wide spectrum of time and space scales, involve gases and particles, between the ocean and the atmosphere, across many disciplines including chemistry, biology, optics, physics, mathematics, computing, socio-economics and consequently interactions between many different scientists and across scientific generations. This chapter provides a guide through the remarkable diversity of cross-cutting approaches and tools in the gigantic puzzle of the SOLAS realm.

Here we overview the existing prime components of atmospheric and oceanic observing systems, with the acquisition of ocean–atmosphere observables either from in situ or from satellites, the rich hierarchy of models to test our knowledge of Earth System functioning, and the tremendous efforts accomplished over the last decade within the COST Action 735 and SOLAS Integration project frameworks to understand, as best we can, the current physical and biogeochemical state of the atmosphere and ocean commons. A few SOLAS integrative studies illustrate the full meaning of interactions, paving the way for even tighter connections between thematic fields. Ultimately, SOLAS research will also develop with an enhanced consideration of societal demand while preserving fundamental research coherency.

The exchange of energy, gases and particles across the air-sea interface is controlled by a variety of biological, chemical and physical processes that operate across broad spatial and temporal scales. These processes influence the composition, biogeochemical and chemical properties of both the oceanic and atmospheric boundary layers and ultimately shape the Earth system response to climate and environmental change, as detailed in the previous four chapters. In this cross-cutting chapter we present some of the SOLAS achievements over the last decade in terms of integration, upscaling observational information from process-oriented studies and expeditionary research with key tools such as remote sensing and modelling.

Here we do not pretend to encompass the entire legacy of SOLAS efforts but rather offer a selective view of some of the major integrative SOLAS studies that combined available pieces of the immense jigsaw puzzle. These include, for instance, COST efforts to build up global climatologies of SOLAS relevant parameters such as dimethyl sulphide, interconnection between volcanic ash and ecosystem response in the eastern subarctic North Pacific, optimal strategy to derive basin-scale CO2 uptake with good precision, or significant reduction of the uncertainties in sea-salt aerosol source functions. Predicting the future trajectory of Earth’s climate and habitability is the main task ahead. Some possible routes for the SOLAS scientific community to reach this overarching goal conclude the chapter.
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Garcon Veronique, Bell Thomas G, Wallace Douglas, Arnold Steve R., Baker Alex R., Bakker Dorothee C. E., Bange Hermann W., Bates Nicholas R., Bopp Laurent, Boutin Jacqueline, Boyd Phili^w., Bracher Astrid, Burrows John P., Carpenter Lucy J, de Leeuw Gerrit, Fennel Katja, Font Jordi, Friedrich Tobias, Garbe Christoph S., Gruber Nicolas, Jaegle Lyatt, Lana Arancha, Lee James D., Liss Peter S., Miller Lisa A., Olgun Nazli, Olsen Are, Pfeil Benjamin, Quack Birgit, Read Katie A., Reul Nicolas, Rodenbeck Christian, Rohekar Oliver, Saiz-Lopez Alfonso, Saltzman Eric S., Schneising Oliver, Schuster Ute, Seferian Roland, Seinhoff Tobias, Le Traon Pierre-Yves, Ziska Franziska (2014). Perspectives and Integration in SOLAS Science. In Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions of Gases and Particles Springer Earth System Sciences 2014. Editors: Peter S. Liss, Martin T. Johnson ISBN: 978-3-642-25642-4, pp 247-306 (Springer Berlin Heidelberg).