OVIDE 2010 CTD-O2 Cruise report

Type Scientific report
Date 2013-01
Language English
Ref. ODE/LPO/13/01
Author(s) Branellec Pierre, Thierry VirginieORCID
Publisher Ifremer
Abstract The Ovide 5 cruise was carried out from the 7th of June to the 8th of July 2010 on board the N/O Thalassa. It was the fifth and last occurence of the Ovide hydrological section that was performed in June 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, as part of the CLIVAR program under the name of A25. It is mainly funded by Ifremer, INSU (LEFE-IDAO) and UBO. The Ovide Principal Investigator is Herlé Mercier. A Greenland-Portugal section was previously performed in 1997 under the leadership of S. Bacon (NOCS), slighty south of the Ovide path. The Ovide route is redundant with AR7E (called also A1) on its western part. It begins at Cape Hoppe (southeast tip of Greenland), runs through the Irminger Sea, crosses the Reykjanes Ridge (300 miles north of Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone), runs through the Iceland Basin and the West European Basin (without having to sample on top of the complex Mid-Atlantic Ridge) and ends near Lisbon (Portugal). The objective of this repeated hydrological section is to monitor the variability of water mass properties and main current transports in the basin, complementing the international observation array relevant for climate studies. The hydrological section includes 98 surface-bottom stations from coast to coast, collecting profiles of temperature, salinity, oxygen and currents, spaced by 1 to 25 Nm depending on the steepness of the topography. In addition, three test stations and eleven stations in the Labrador Sea were performed. This report presents the results of the CTD-O2 data adjustment.
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