The SAMBA experiment. Volume 1 : SAMBA 1 LAGRANGIAN and CTD DATA. February 1994 -August 1995

Type Article
Date 1995
Language English
Author(s) Ollitrault Michel1, Auffret Yves1, Cortes Norbert1, Hemon Catherine1, Jegou Paul2, Le Reste Serge2, Loaec Gerard2, Rannou Jean Philippe3
Affiliation(s) 1 : IFREMER, UMR 6523, LPO, Brest, France
2 : IFREMER, SI2M, Brest, France
3 : Altran, Brest, France
Source Repères Oceans (1240-1153) (Ifremer), 1995 , Vol. 12
Note ISBN 2-905434-70-8
Abstract In February 1994, during the SAMBA 1 cruise, 9 CTD casts were done and 22 subsurface floats (20 MARVOR, 1 VCM, 1 ALFOS) launched near 800 dbar in the Brazil basin, within the framework of the SAMBA Experiment. SAMBA (SubAntartic Motions in the Brazil bAsin), is a component of the WOCE float program, and aims at describing the absolute general circulation of the Antarctic Intermediate Water around 800 m depth in the Brazil basin. MARVOR and ALFOS floats cycle every 2 months between thier nominal depth and surface to transmit data via the ARGOS system and were programmed for 30 cycles, i.e. a total life of 5 years. THE VCM float, on the other hand is a one shot RAFOS-type float which was programmed for a 1.5 year mission at depth.
This report presents the hydrographic data and the first 18 months of float data obtained so far.
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Ollitrault Michel, Auffret Yves, Cortes Norbert, Hemon Catherine, Jegou Paul, Le Reste Serge, Loaec Gerard, Rannou Jean Philippe (1995). The SAMBA experiment. Volume 1 : SAMBA 1 LAGRANGIAN and CTD DATA. February 1994 -August 1995. Repères Oceans, 12. Open Access version :