A typology of fisheries management tools

Type Article
Date 2006
Language English
Other localization http://www.umr-amure.fr/electro_doc_amure/D_16_2006.pdf
Author(s) Boncoeur Jean1, Guyader OlivierORCID2, Thebaud OlivierORCID1, 2
Affiliation(s) 1 : UBO, France
2 : Ifremer, France
Source Série Documents de travail Amure / Working Papers Series Amure (1951-641X) (Amure), 2006 , N. D-16-2006 , P. 1-11
Note This paper was presented as part of the final report of the "TECTAC" European Research Project (QSRS-2002-01291)
Abstract This paper provides a classification of fisheries management measures which is based on a typology developped by Boncoeur and Troadec (2003). This typology was discussed as part of the TECTAC research project, and amended to provide the following conceptual framework. Fisheries management tools may be classified according to their purpose, to the regulation method on which they rely, and to the control variable(s) which they use. The typology presented in this paper relies on these three criteria
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Boncoeur Jean, Guyader Olivier, Thebaud Olivier (2006). A typology of fisheries management tools. Série Documents de travail Amure / Working Papers Series Amure, (D-16-2006), 1-11. Open Access version : https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00243/35400/