EquiMar. Deliverable D2.2. Wave and tidal resource characterisation

Type Technical document (specification, manual)
Date 2011-01
Language English
Other localization http://www.equimar.org/equimar-project-deliverables.html
Author(s) Venugopal Vengatesan1, Davey Thomas1, Smith Helen2, Smith George2, Holmes Brian3, Barrett Sean3, Prevosto MarcORCID4, Maisondieu ChristopheORCID4, Cavalieri Luigi5, Bertotti Luciana5, Lawrence John6, Girard Francoise7
Affiliation(s) 1 : University of Edinburgh, UK
2 : University of Exeter, UK
3 : University College Cork, Ireland
4 : Ifremer, France
5 : CNR-ISMAR, Italy
6 : EMEC, UK
7 : Actimar, France
Note Equitable testing and evaluation of marine energy extraction devices in terms of performance, cost and environmental impact. Grant agreement number: 213380.
Abstract This report gives guidance relevant to the resource assessment of sites considered for the deployment of wave and tidal energy converters. Areas considered include: instrumentation and measurement; techniques and requirements for wave and tidal parameterisation; wave-current interaction; spatial and temporal variation. A number of case studies are also included examining several European sites.
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Venugopal Vengatesan, Davey Thomas, Smith Helen, Smith George, Holmes Brian, Barrett Sean, Prevosto Marc, Maisondieu Christophe, Cavalieri Luigi, Bertotti Luciana, Lawrence John, Girard Francoise (2011). EquiMar. Deliverable D2.2. Wave and tidal resource characterisation. https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00250/36152/