Quality Control of Biogeochemical Measurements

Type Report
Date 2018
Language English
Author(s) Jaccard Pierre1, Hjemann Dag Oystein1, Ruohola Jani2, Ledang Anna Birgitta1, Marty Sabine1, Kristiansen Trond1, Kaitala Seppo2, Mangin Antoine3
Affiliation(s) 1 : NIVA, Norway
2 : SYKE, Finland
3 : ACRI, France
DOI 10.13155/36232
Publisher Coriolis data centre
Version V6
Keyword(s) MyOcean, physical oceanography, in-situ marine data, operational oceanography

Previous versions of this document and up to version 2.5 were generated during MyOcean, MyOcean2 and MyOceanFO EU-projects. Starting in CMEMS, several updates have been performed but not officially released.

Version 3.1 is the first official release within CMEMS with focus on chlorophyll-a fluorescence.

The present Version 6 is the method used for the production of CMEMS INSITU_GLO_BGC_REP_OBSERVATIONS_013_046 release for the V4 of CMEMS in 2018.


This document presents quality assessment tools that can be applied as soon as data are delivered to the CMEMS production units, as well as reprocessing tools. The latter requires a certain knowledge about the type and structure of the data in order to build the control quality test.

In addition, a set of tools have been developed for the evaluation of the tests themselves and are likely to be applied on monthly and history repositories only. These evaluation tools are not expected to be implemented at production unit (PU) level, but applied by experts and scientists. The resulting analysis should confirm or provide an upgrade of the quality control tests implemented at PU level.

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Jaccard Pierre, Hjemann Dag Oystein, Ruohola Jani, Ledang Anna Birgitta, Marty Sabine, Kristiansen Trond, Kaitala Seppo, Mangin Antoine (2018). Quality Control of Biogeochemical Measurements. CMEMS-INS-BGC-QC. https://doi.org/10.13155/36232