Bathy-morphological setting of Terceira Island (Azores) after the FAIVI cruise

Type Article
Date 2013-10
Language English
Author(s) Chiocci F. L.1, Romagnoli C.2, Casalbore D.3, Sposato A.3, Martorelli Eleonora3, Alonso B.4, Casas D.5, Conte A. M.6, Di Bella L.1, Ercilla G.4, Estrada Ferran4, Falese F.1, Farran M.4, Forleo V.1, Frezza V.1, Hipolito A.7, Lebani A.1, Maisto F.1, Pacheco J.7, Pimentel A.7, Quartau Rui8, Roque C.8, Sampaio I.9, Santoro P. C.1, Tempera FernandoORCID9
Affiliation(s) 1 : Univ Roma La Sapienza, Dipartimento Sci Terra, I-00185 Rome, Italy.
2 : Univ Bologna, Dipartimento Sci Biol Geol & Ambientali, Bologna, Italy.
3 : CNR, Ist Geol Ambientale & Geoingn, Rome, Italy.
4 : Inst Ciencias Mar CMIMA CSIC, Dept Geol Marina, Barcelona, Spain.
5 : Inst Geol & Minero Espana, Madrid, Spain.
6 : CNR, Ist Geosci & Georisorse, Rome, Italy.
7 : Univ Acores, Ctr Vulcanol & Avaliacao Riscos Geol, Ponta Delgada, Portugal.
8 : Lab Nacl Energia & Geol, Lisbon, Portugal.
9 : Univ Acores, Dept Oceanog & Pescas, Ponte Delgada, Portugal.
Source Journal Of Maps (1744-5647) (Taylor & Francis Ltd), 2013-10 , Vol. 9 , N. 4 , P. 590-595
DOI 10.1080/17445647.2013.831381
WOS© Times Cited 25
Keyword(s) multibeam bathymetry, geomorphology, submarine volcanism, tectonics, erosive-depositional features
Abstract High-resolution morpho-bathymetric data at 1:200,000 scale obtained during the FAIVI cruise (2011) and the resulting geomorphologic map of the Terceira island offshore area (central Azores, Portugal) are presented for the first time. The uneven morphology around Terceira is primarily related to volcanic features, such as linear and cone-shaped eruptive centres and lava flows. Such features are mostly concentrated on volcanic ridges and are aligned along preferential axes, suggesting a strong interaction between tectonics and volcanic processes. The occurrence of active tectonics is also demonstrated by systems of faults cutting the seafloor to the north, east and south of the island. Mapped erosive-depositional features include an insular shelf located at < 150 m water depth (wd), small landslide headwalls, erosive scarps, channelized features and crescent-shaped bedforms. The presented map may represent the base for a first-order geo-hazard assessment.
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Chiocci F. L., Romagnoli C., Casalbore D., Sposato A., Martorelli Eleonora, Alonso B., Casas D., Conte A. M., Di Bella L., Ercilla G., Estrada Ferran, Falese F., Farran M., Forleo V., Frezza V., Hipolito A., Lebani A., Maisto F., Pacheco J., Pimentel A., Quartau Rui, Roque C., Sampaio I., Santoro P. C., Tempera Fernando (2013). Bathy-morphological setting of Terceira Island (Azores) after the FAIVI cruise. Journal Of Maps, 9(4), 590-595. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :