Science policy brief. Future research needs to implement the MSFD

Type Report
Date 2014-06
Language English
Ref. Deliverable 3.4
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Author(s) Le Moigne Morgan1
Contributor(s) Lecomte Jean-Paul, Hoepffner Nicolas, Wawrzynski Wojcieh, Kellerman Adi, Fernandez Marisa, Diez Raquel, Larkin Kate, McDonough Niall, Garriga Maica, Carvalho Telmo, Murphy David, Ni Cheallachain Cliona, Bergh Oivind, Nedreaas Kjell
Abstract This document outlines the results of a broad stakeholder consultation process carried out by the STAGES project to identify the needs for further research to improve the scientific underpinning for the implementation of the MSFD, i.e. to improve the scientific answers to the following key questions:
• What are the key pressures on marine environments?
• What are the impacts on marine ecosystems and services resulting from these pressures?
• Where are the main accumulations of impacts and major needs for response identified?
• How should the interactions between ecosystems and socio-economic activities be addressed?
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