Deploying ARGO floats in the Barcelona World Race

Type Article
Date 2015-05
Language English
Author(s) Poffa Noe1, Lebreton Nathanaele2, Kramp Martin3
Affiliation(s) 1 : IFREMER, Brest, France
2 : SHOM, Brest, France
3 : JCOMMOPS, Brest, France
Source Mercator Ocean - Quaterly Newsletter, 2015-05 , N. 52 , P. 5-7
Abstract While most Argo floats are naturally deployed by research vessels, a growing number of float operations has been allocated to the sailing community, through ship-based non-governmental organization NGOs or trans-oceanic races in the last few years. The aim is to establish win-win partnerships, with Argo floats being deployed in poorly sampled areas without regular shipping, and to get sailors genuinely involved in oceanographic science activities. In the case of big events, it is also an opportunity for Argo to benefit from broad media coverage, and for the organizers, a chance to display a scientific impact of their projects. Thanks to joint forces of The Coriolis Deployment Team and the IOC-UNESCO/WMO support centre JCOMMOPS, both hosted by Ifremer in Brest, the beginning of 2015 saw probably the so far largest event of that kind, with the deployment of one Argo float by all of the eight crews participating in the Barcelona World Race. In coordination with Coriolis and JCOMMOPS, the race management gave the green light for “Argo day” on the 23rd of January, and eight floats were successfully deployed in the Atlantic Ocean between 24° and 44° south.
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