In situ Lithium and Boron isotope determinations in mica, pyroxene, and serpentine by LA-MC-ICP-MS

Type Article
Date 2015-09
Language English
Author(s) Marti Celine1, Ponzevera Emmanuel2, 3, Harlow George1
Affiliation(s) 1 : Amer Museum Nat Hist, Dept Earth & Planetary Sci, New York, NY 10024 USA.
2 : Columbia Univ, Lamont Doherty Earth Observ, Palisades, NY 10964 USA.
3 : Inst Carnot Ifremer EDROME, Dept Ressources Phys & Ecosyst Fond Mer REM, Lab Geochim Metallogenie, F-29280 Plouzane, France.
Source Chemical Geology (0009-2541) (Elsevier Science Bv), 2015-09 , Vol. 412 , P. 107-116
DOI 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2015.07.022
WOS© Times Cited 26
Keyword(s) Boron isotopes, Lithium isotopes, LA-MC-ICP-MS, Subduction zone related silicates
Abstract Boron and Li are light, incompatible elements that preferentially partition into the liquid phase, whether melt or aqueous fluid, and thus are useful for tracking fluid-related processes in rocks. Most of the Li isotopic data presently available on subduction-related rocks are from whole-rock analyses; and the B isotopic analyses of subduction material have been carried out either on whole-rocks or in-situ on an accessory phase, such as tourmaline. The new method presented here couples an ESI New Wave UP-193-FX ArF* (193 nm) excimer laser-ablation microscope with a Neptune Plus (Thermo Scientific) MC-ICP-MS aiming to measure both Li and B isotopes in situ with good spatial resolution (metamorphic minerals are commonly chemically zoned, and whole-rock analyses lose this detail). The data thus obtained are compared with SIMS analyses on the same mineral samples for B, and with MC-ICP-MS analyses on whole-rock or mineral separates from the same sample for Li. Additionally, data acquired on tourmaline standards were compared to SIMS values. The results show that for B concentrations above 5 μg/g, the data obtained by LA-MC-ICP-MS and by SIMS are identical within error, for mica (phengitic muscovite), pyroxene (jadeite), serpentine (antigorite), and tourmaline. For Li concentrations above 10 μg/g, the data obtained by LA-MC-ICP-MS and by MC-ICP-MS are also identical, within error, for mica (phengitic muscovite), and pyroxene (jadeite). However, analyses of tourmaline standards have shown significant differences with reference values, so LA-MC-ICP-MS does not yet appear to be an appropriate method to analyze Li isotopes in tourmalines. Thus, LA-MC-ICP-MS is a suitable method to measure Li and B isotopes with good spatial resolution in major rock-forming silicates from subduction-related rocks where concentrations exceed 10 μg/g and 5 μg/g, respectively, with an error on individual measurements equal to or less than previously used methods, but obtainable in a significantly shorter amount of time. The external reproducibility is ± 2.88 to 3.31 ‰ for B and ± 1.50 to 1.75 for Li, which is lower than or equal to the variations encountered within a given chemically zoned sample (up to 10 ‰ of variation within a given natural sample).
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