DRAKKAR: developing high resolution ocean components for European Earth system models

Type Article
Date 2014-07
Language English
Other localization http://www.clivar.org/documents/exchanges-65
Author(s) Barnier B.1, Blaker A.T.2, Biatosch A.3, Böning C.W.3, Coward A.2, Deshayes Julie6, Hirshi J.2, Le Sommer J.2, Madec G.5, Maze GuillaumeORCID4, Molines J.M.1, New A.2, Penduff T.1, Scheinert M.3, Talandier Claude6, Treguier Anne-Marie6
Affiliation(s) 1 : CNRS, LGGE, Grenoble, France
2 : NOC Southampton, U.K.
3 : GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany
4 : LPO, UMR6523, CNRS-Ifremer-IRD-UBO, Brest, France
5 : CNRS, LOCEAN, Paris, France
6 : LPO, UMR6523, CNRS-Ifremer-IRD-UBO, Brest, France
Source CLIVAR Exchange (1026-0471) (International CLIVAR Project Office), 2014-07 , Vol. 65 - 19 , N. 2 , P. 18-21
Note Special Issue: High Resolution Ocean Climate Modelling
Abstract DRAKKAR is a consortium of European ocean modelling teams. It was “created to take up the challenges of developing realistic global eddy-resolving/ permitting ocean/sea-ice models, and of building an ensemble of high resolution model hindcasts representing the ocean circulation from the 1960s to present” (quoting the DRAKKAR Group, 2007, in a CLIVAR Exchanges paper where the DRAKKAR strategy was presented for the first time). Now in the second decade of its existence, the DRAKKAR Group is active and thriving, and it is now timely to present recent developments and future plans in this special issue of CLIVAR Exchanges.
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Barnier B., Blaker A.T., Biatosch A., Böning C.W., Coward A., Deshayes Julie, Hirshi J., Le Sommer J., Madec G., Maze Guillaume, Molines J.M., New A., Penduff T., Scheinert M., Talandier Claude, Treguier Anne-Marie (2014). DRAKKAR: developing high resolution ocean components for European Earth system models. CLIVAR Exchange, 65 - 19(2), 18-21. Open Access version : https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00326/43698/