Report of the Stock Identification Methods Working Group (SIMWG) 2016

Type Expertise
Date 2016
Language English
Ref. ICES CM 2016/SSGEPI:16
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Author(s) ICES
Contributor(s) Mahe KeligORCID
Sponsor ICES
Abstract The Stock Identification Methods Working Group (SIMWG) worked by correspondence in 2016. The working group was chaired by Lisa Kerr (USA).
The work plan for SIMWG in 2016 comprised four Terms of Reference (ToR), some of which are continuing goals for SIMWG:
a ) Review recent advances in stock identification methods;
b ) Build a reference database with updated information on known biological stocks for species of ICES interest;
c ) Provide technical reviews and expert opinions on matters of stock identifica-tion, as requested by specific Working Groups and SCICOM;
d ) Review and report on advances in mixed stock analysis, and assess their po-tential role in improving precision of stock assessment.
ToR a) is an ongoing task of SIMWG in which we provide a comprehensive update on recent applications of stock identification techniques to ICES species of interest, summa-rize new approaches in stock identification, and novel combinations of existing applica-tions.
ToR b) is a multi-annual ToR in which SIMWG has taking steps to build a reference data-base consisting of SIMWG reviews of issues of stock identity for ICES species.
ToR c) is a key ongoing task by SIMWG in which we addresses specific requests by ICES working groups for technical advice on issues of stock identity. This year we provided advice on mackerel in the Northeast Atlantic as requested by WGWIDE.
ToR d) is a multi-annual ToR that is focused on tracking developments in the application of mixed stock analysis and the integration of this information into assessment and management.
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