Managing Fisheries in the context of an integrated policy: the importance of spatial issues

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Date 2016
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Author(s) Petitgas Pierre1, Ernande BrunoORCID1, Andonegi Eider2, Fabi Gianna3, Scarcella Guiseppe3, Kapiris Kostas4, Leocadio Ana5
Meeting ICES Annual Science Conference. ICES CM 2016/F:226
Keyword(s) Ecosystem approach, Integration, Spatial, Policy
Abstract A variety of conservation policies now frame the management of fishing activity and so do also the spatial planning of different sectorial activities. These framework policies are additional to classical fishery management. There is a risk that the policies applying on the marine system are not coherent from a fisheries point of view. The spatial management of fishing activity at regional scale has the potential to meet multiple management objectives, on a habitat basis. Here we consider how to integrate multiple objectives of different policies into integrated ocean management scenarios. In the EU, European Directives and the CFP are now implementing the ecosystem approach to the management of human activity at sea. In this context, we further identify three research needs:
• Develop Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) for multiple-objective and multiple-sector spatial management schemes
• Improve knowledge on and evaluation of functional habitats
• Develop spatially-explicit end-to-end models with appropriate complexity for spatial MSE
The contribution is based on the results of a workshop of the EraNet COFASP.
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Petitgas Pierre, Ernande Bruno, Andonegi Eider, Fabi Gianna, Scarcella Guiseppe, Kapiris Kostas, Leocadio Ana (2016). Managing Fisheries in the context of an integrated policy: the importance of spatial issues. ICES Annual Science Conference. ICES CM 2016/F:226.