Copernicus In Situ TAC, Real Time Quality Control for WAVES

Type Technical document (specification, manual)
Date 2017-02-20
Language English
Author(s) Copernicus Marine In Situ Team
Contributor(s) De Alfonso Alonso-Muñoyerro Marta, Manzano Muñoz Fernando, Hammarklint Thomas, Perivoliotis Leonidas, Bekiari Margarita, Carval Thierry
DOI 10.13155/46607
Publisher Copernicus in situ TAC
Version V1.0
Abstract In April 2017, CMEMS plans to launch the WAVES NRT products. This document is focused in the automatic RTQC of the collected wave data.
The validation procedure includes the delayed mode quality control of the data and will be specified in another guideline.
To perform any kind of quality control to wave data, first it’s necessary to know the nature of the measurements and the analysis performed to those measurements to obtain the wave parameters. For that reason next chapter is dedicated to show the usual wave analysis and the different parameters and estimators obtained.
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Copernicus Marine In Situ Team (2017). Copernicus In Situ TAC, Real Time Quality Control for WAVES. CMEMS-INS-WAVES-RTQC.