GEROS-ISS: GNSS REflectometry, Radio Occultation, and Scatterometry Onboard the International Space Station

Type Article
Date 2016-10
Language English
Author(s) Wickert Jens1, Cardellach Estel2, Martin-Neira Manuel10, Bandeiras Jorge4, Bertino Laurent5, Andersen Ole Baltazar3, Camps Adriano6, 7, Catarino Nuno4, Chapron Bertrand8, Fabra Fran2, Floury Nicolas10, Foti Giuseppe9, Gommenginger Christine9, Hatton Jason10, Hoeg Per3, Jaggi Adrian11, Kern Michael10, Lee Tong13, Li Zhijin13, Park Hyuk6, 7, Pierdicca Nazzareno14, Ressler Gerhard10, Rius Antonio2, Rosello Josep10, Saynisch Jan1, Soulat Francois12, Shum C. K.15, 16, Semmling Maximilian1, Sousa Ana4, Xie Jiping5, Zuffada Cinzia13
Affiliation(s) 1 : German Res Ctr Geosci GFZ, D-14473 Potsdam, Germany.
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Source Ieee Journal Of Selected Topics In Applied Earth Observations And Remote Sensing (1939-1404) (Ieee-inst Electrical Electronics Engineers Inc), 2016-10 , Vol. 9 , N. 10 , P. 4552-4581
DOI 10.1109/JSTARS.2016.2614428
WOS© Times Cited 70
Keyword(s) Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) reflectometry, GNSS radio occultation, international space station, mean sea level, mesoscale ocean currents
Abstract GEROS-ISS stands for GNSS REflectometry, radio occultation, and scatterometry onboard the International Space Station (ISS). It is a scientific experiment, successfully proposed to the European Space Agency in 2011. The experiment as the name indicates will be conducted on the ISS. The main focus of GEROS-ISS is the dedicated use of signals from the currently available Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) in L-band for remote sensing of the Earth with a focus to study climate change. Prime mission objectives are the determination of the altimetric sea surface height of the oceans and of the ocean surface mean square slope, which is related to sea roughness and wind speed. These geophysical parameters are derived using reflected GNSS signals (GNSS reflectometry, GNSS-R). Secondary mission goals include atmosphere/ionosphere sounding using refracted GNSS signals (radio occultation, GNSS-RO) and remote sensing of land surfaces using GNSS-R. TheGEROS-ISS mission objectives and its design, the current status, and ongoing activities are reviewed and selected scientific and technical results of the GEROS-ISS preparation phase are described.
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Wickert Jens, Cardellach Estel, Martin-Neira Manuel, Bandeiras Jorge, Bertino Laurent, Andersen Ole Baltazar, Camps Adriano, Catarino Nuno, Chapron Bertrand, Fabra Fran, Floury Nicolas, Foti Giuseppe, Gommenginger Christine, Hatton Jason, Hoeg Per, Jaggi Adrian, Kern Michael, Lee Tong, Li Zhijin, Park Hyuk, Pierdicca Nazzareno, Ressler Gerhard, Rius Antonio, Rosello Josep, Saynisch Jan, Soulat Francois, Shum C. K., Semmling Maximilian, Sousa Ana, Xie Jiping, Zuffada Cinzia (2016). GEROS-ISS: GNSS REflectometry, Radio Occultation, and Scatterometry Onboard the International Space Station. Ieee Journal Of Selected Topics In Applied Earth Observations And Remote Sensing, 9(10), 4552-4581. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :