Online collaborative environment to run Stock Assessment work ow: an option for IOTC?

Type Report
Date 2016
Language English
Ref. IOTC-2016-WPM-13 Rev_1
Author(s) Imzilen Taha1, Bonhommeau SylvainORCID2, Rouyer Tristan3, Kell Laurence T4, Chassot Emmanuel1, Barde Julien1
Affiliation(s) 1 : IRD , UMR MARBEC 248, Av. Jean Monnet, 34200 Sete, France
2 : IFREMER, Le Port, La Réunion, France
3 : IFREMER,UMR MARBEC 248, Av. Jean Monnet, 34200 Sete, France
4 : ICCAT Secretariat, C/Corazon de Mara, 8. 28002 Madrid, Spain
Abstract In this note, we present an approach which has been recently used to execute online the set of codes used for eastern blue_n tuna (BFT-E) stock assessment at ICCAT. We aim at discussing the possible interest of the approach to the IOTC Community for focusing on Indian ocean tuna and tuna-like stocks and running other assesment models such as Stock Synthesis 3 (SS3). In 2014, ICCAT BFT-E working group has been able to execute thousands of model runs by using parallelization of R and Fortran codes on a supercomputer. This approach has a lot of scienti_c bene_ts, in particular for better including the multiple sources of uncertainty in assessment results and associated scienti_c advice. However, very few participants would be able to reproduce it without speci_c technical skills. Since November 2015, a WebSite or VRE for Virtual Research Environment has been set up within the H2020 BlueBridge project to enable users to easily parametrize and execute various steps of the BFT-E stock assessment workow. By repackaging codes provided by ICCAT BFT-E working group, the same codes are now executable online. They can be parametrized, executed and edited by anybody from a simple web page and data outputs are delivered in standard data format. At this stage, this VRE comes with various collaborative Web Services: (i) a workspace to share documents or data, (ii) Web pages or RStudio server to process data online, and (iii) an automated report service to dynamically generate documents packaging these results. Such a collaborative environment enables
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Imzilen Taha, Bonhommeau Sylvain, Rouyer Tristan, Kell Laurence T, Chassot Emmanuel, Barde Julien (2016). Online collaborative environment to run Stock Assessment work ow: an option for IOTC? IOTC-2016-WPM-13 Rev_1.