QC Report. AtlantOS project

The purpose of task 1 in WP7 in AtlantOS project is to harmonize data exchange and data processing procedures for the EOVs that are acquired by multiple networks. In this framework, the present report [D7.2] establishes recommendations for automatic quality control procedures in Near RT (a few hours to several days) for the core of 7 EOVs (measured by more than one of Networks involved in AtlantOS): • Physics : temperature (T), Salinity (T), Current for surface and subsurface and Sea level • Biogeochemistry : Oxygen (O2), Chlorophyll-A, Nitrate (NO3) and Carbon (pCO2) for surface and subsurface The recommendations have been compiled by experts on those EOVs and validated by the Networks acquiring those EOVs in NRT (link with WP2, WP3 and WP4). These recommendations will evolve with time under the EuroGOOS DATAMEQ working group umbrella (http://eurogoos.eu/data-management-exchange-quality-working-group-data-meq/) and benefit from scientific progress made by the observing Networks via the Task teams established within EuroGOOS (http://eurogoos.eu/task-teams/) These recommendations do not address the delayed mode quality control proceeses.
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Reverdin Gilles, Thierry Virginie, Utiz Julia, D'Ortenzio Fabrizio, Bradshaw Elizabeth, Pfeil Benjamin (2017). QC Report. AtlantOS project. Ref. D7.2. AtlantOS. https://doi.org/10.13155/48244

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