Surface Pressure of PROVOR/ARVOR floats based on Coriolis GDAC at 19/09/2012

Type Report
Date 2012-10-12
Language English
Ref. SO ARGO - LPO report LPO/12-04
Author(s) Cabanes CecileORCID1, Thierry VirginieORCID2

In this report, we check the surface pressure of the Argo PROVOR-ARVOR fleet to detect drift and problems of the pressure sensors. For each DAC and for each float model, we count how many floats have surface pressure (SP) that exeeds 5dB (absolute value). Negative drift are associated with microleak of the Druck pressure sensor. Surface pressure problems at the end of the life of the float might be related to the ”snowflakes” problem. Other surface pressure problems occur and part of them might be related to decoding problems (jump,shift,..)  

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