Argo auxiliary files format for Coriolis DAC

Type Report
Date 2017-06-08
Language English
Author(s) Rannou Jean-Philippe
Contributor(s) Carval ThierryORCID
DOI 10.13155/51995
Publisher Ifremer
Version 1.0

This document describes the format of the NetCDF files produced by the Coriolis DAC to store auxiliary data.

Auxiliary data are transmitted by Argo floats (or computed from transmitted data) but are too specific or outside the framework of Argo to be stored in the regular Argo NetCDF files.

The Argo floats of Coriolis DAC produce up to four NetCDF files types (depending on float type, version and configuration):

  • A meta data file

  • A technical data file

  • Individual profile data files

  • A trajectory data file

The Argo user’s manual [RD1] should be read and understood before the present one.

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