Lorient Flume tank

Other titles Bassin d'essais de Lorient
Type Note (synthesis, prospective or technological monitoring)
Date 2018-04-20
Language English
Ref. RBE/STH/LTBH/2018.003
Author(s) Vincent Benoit1, Simon Julien1, Vacherot Jean-Philippe1, Morandeau Fabien1, Larnaud Pascal1, Kopp DorotheeORCID1, Mehault Sonia1, Morfin Marie1, Savina-Rolland MarieORCID1, Marc Emilie1
DOI 10.13155/54803
Publisher Ifremer
Version 1

The Lorient flume tank is an hydrodynamic facility available for any qualification and observation of submerged objects in still or moving water. It is a closed loop circulating tank filled with fresh water.  The fluid is moved with a 70 kW pump-motor with a velocity between 0 and 1 m/s and homogenized with a series of pressure drop systems.

The overall dimensions are 24.50 m long, 7.50m wide and 3.30 m high. The part where experiments can be set up is 12m long, 2.6 m wide and 1.5 m deep.  A mobile bottom belt can be synchronized with the water flow velocity and enables to simulate the seabed velocity relatively to a towed object. The overall process of the facility is controlled by a user friendly interface.

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Vincent Benoit, Simon Julien, Vacherot Jean-Philippe, Morandeau Fabien, Larnaud Pascal, Kopp Dorothee, Mehault Sonia, Morfin Marie, Savina-Rolland Marie, Marc Emilie (2018). Lorient Flume tank. RBE/STH/LTBH/2018.003. https://doi.org/10.13155/54803