Jeux de données associés

REPHY – French Observation And Monitoring Program For Phytoplankton And Hydrology In Coastal Waters (2021). REPHY dataset - French Observation and Monitoring program for Phytoplankton and Hydrology in coastal waters. Metropolitan data. SEANOE.

REPHYTOX-French Monitoring Program For Phycotoxins In Marine Organisms (2021). REPHYTOX dataset. French Monitoring program for Phycotoxins in marine organisms. Data since 1987. SEANOE.

Fleury, Elodie, Normand, Julien, Lamoureux, Alice, Bouget, Jean-Francois, Lupo, Coralie, Cochennec-Laureau, Nathalie, Petton, Sebastien, Petton, Bruno, Pouvreau, Stephane (2020). RESCO REMORA Database : National monitoring network of mortality and growth rates of the sentinel oyster Crassostrea gigas. SEANOE.