The dinoflagellate cyst genera Achomosphaera Evitt 1963 and Spiniferites Mantell 1850 in Pliocene to modern sediments: a summary of round table discussions

Type Article
Date 2018-12
Language English
Author(s) Mertens KennethORCID1, Van Nieuwenhove Nicolas2, 16, 31, Gurdebeke Pieter R.3, Aydin Hilal4, Bogus Kara5, Bringue Manuel6, 7, Dale Barrie8, de Schepper Stijn9, de Vernal Anne10, Ellegaard Marianne11, Grothe Arjen12, Gu Haifeng13, Head Martin J.14, Heikkila Maija15, Limoges Audrey16, 31, Londeix Laurent17, Louwye Stephen3, Marret Fabienne18, Masure Edwige19, Matsuoka Kazumi20, Mudie Peta J.21, Penaud Aurelie22, Pospelova Vera7, Price Andrea Michelle23, Ribeiro Sofia16, Rochon Andre24, Sangiorgi Francesca12, Schreck Michael25, Torres Vladimir26, Uzar Serdar4, Versteegh Gerard J. M.27, 28, Warny Sophie29, 30, Zonneveld Karin28
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Source Palynology (0191-6122) (Taylor & Francis Inc), 2018-12 , Vol. 42 , N. Supl.1 , P. 10-44
DOI 10.1080/01916122.2018.1465739
WOS© Times Cited 15
Note Special issue : Spiniferites Mantell 1850
Keyword(s) Spiniferites, Achomosphaera, Hafniasphaera, Rottnestia, Pterocysta

We present a summary of two round-table discussions held during two subsequent workshops in Montreal (Canada) on 16 April 2014 and Ostend (Belgium) on 8 July 2015. Five species of the genus Achomosphaera Evitt 1963 and 33 of the genus Spiniferites Mantell 1850 emend. Sarjeant 1970 occuring in Pliocene to modern sediments are listed and briefly described along with remarks made by workshop participants. In addition, several holotypes and topotypes are reillustrated. Three species previously assigned to Spiniferites are here considered/accepted as belonging to other genera: Impagidinium inaequalis (Wall and Dale in Wall et al. 1973) Londeix et al. 2009, Spiniferites? rubinus (Rossignol 1962 ex Rossignol 1964) Sarjeant 1970, and Thalassiphora balcanica Baltes¸ 1971. This summary forms the basis for a set of papers that follows, where points raised during the workshops are explored in greater detail.

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Mertens Kenneth, Van Nieuwenhove Nicolas, Gurdebeke Pieter R., Aydin Hilal, Bogus Kara, Bringue Manuel, Dale Barrie, de Schepper Stijn, de Vernal Anne, Ellegaard Marianne, Grothe Arjen, Gu Haifeng, Head Martin J., Heikkila Maija, Limoges Audrey, Londeix Laurent, Louwye Stephen, Marret Fabienne, Masure Edwige, Matsuoka Kazumi, Mudie Peta J., Penaud Aurelie, Pospelova Vera, Price Andrea Michelle, Ribeiro Sofia, Rochon Andre, Sangiorgi Francesca, Schreck Michael, Torres Vladimir, Uzar Serdar, Versteegh Gerard J. M., Warny Sophie, Zonneveld Karin (2018). The dinoflagellate cyst genera Achomosphaera Evitt 1963 and Spiniferites Mantell 1850 in Pliocene to modern sediments: a summary of round table discussions. Palynology, 42(Supl.1), 10-44. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :