Workshop on Guidelines for Management Strategy Evaluations (WKGMSE2).

Type Article
Date 2019
Language English
Author(s) ICES
Contributor(s) Bertignac MichelORCID
Source ICES Scientific Reports/Rapports scientifiques du CIEM (2618-1371) (ICES), 2019 , Vol. 1 , N. 33 , P. 162p.
DOI 10.17895/

The purpose of the meeting was to bring up to date the methodologies and technical specifica-tions that should be incorporated in Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) work in ICES. The workshop was tasked with reviewing recent methodological and practical MSE work conducted in ICES and around the world, as well as the guidelines provided by the 2013 ICES Workshop on Guidelines for Management Strategy Evaluations (WKGMSE). The Terms of Reference indi-cated that the revision should include all aspects involved in MSE, while paying specific atten-tion to several issues that had been identified through ICES practice. The Terms of Reference also requested WKGMSE 2 to consider how best to disseminate the guidelines to experts within the ICES community and the need for training courses. The workshop addressed all its Terms of Reference.

The main results of the workshop are the revised MSE guidelines, as well as recommendations in relation to the ICES criterion for defining a management strategy as precautionary and in re-lation to the evaluation and advice on rebuilding strategies.

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