Wind tunnel investigation of dynamic trimming on upwind sail aerodynamics

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Date 2017-01
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Author(s) Aubin Nicolas1, Augier Benoit1, Sacher Matthieu1, Bot Patrick1, Hauville Frédéric1, Flay Richard G.J.2
Affiliation(s) 1 : Naval academy research Institut - IRENAV, France
2 : Yacht Research Unit, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Source Journal of Sailing Technology (ISSN 2475-370X) (SNAME and SNAME's SC-2 Sailing Craft Panel), 2017-01 , N. 2017-01 , P. 27p.
Keyword(s) wind tunnel, upwind, unsteady, fluid-structure interaction

An experiment was performed in the Yacht Research Unit’s Twisted Flow Wind Tunnel (University of Auckland) to test the effect of dynamic trimming on three IMOCA 60 inspired mainsail models in an upwind (βAW = 60°) unheeled configuration. This study presents dynamic fluid structureinteractionresultsinwellcontrolledconditions(wind,sheetlength)withadynamictrimming system. Trimming oscillations are done around an optimum value of CFobj previously found with a static trim. Different oscillation amplitudes and frequencies of trimming are investigated. Measurements are done with a 6 component force balance and a load sensor giving access to the unsteady mainsail sheet load. The driving CFx and optimization target CFobj coefficient first decrease at low reduced frequency fr for quasi-steady state then increase, becoming higher than the static state situation. The driving force CFx and the optimization target coefficient CFobj show an optimum for the threedifferentdesignsailshapeslocatedat fr =0.255. Thisoptimumislinkedtothepowertransmitted to the rig and sail system by the trimming device. The effect of the camber of the design shape is also investigated. The flat mainsail design benefits more than the other mainsail designs from the dynamic trimming compared to their respective static situtation. This study presents dynamic results thatcannotbeaccuratelypredictedwithaquasi-staticapproach. Theseresultsarethereforevaluable for future FSI numerical tools validations in unsteady conditions.

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Aubin Nicolas, Augier Benoit, Sacher Matthieu, Bot Patrick, Hauville Frédéric, Flay Richard G.J. (2017). Wind tunnel investigation of dynamic trimming on upwind sail aerodynamics. Journal of Sailing Technology, (2017-01), 27p. Open Access version :