Real Time Quality Control of Current measurements within MyOcean and Copernicus in situ TAC

Type Technical document (specification, manual)
Date 2010-04-17
Language English
Author(s) Hammarklint Thomas1, Kassis Dimitris2, Wehde HenningORCID3, Rickards Lesley4
Affiliation(s) 1 : SMHI, Sweden
2 : HCMR, Greece
3 : IMR, Norway
DOI 10.13155/74316
Publisher Copernicus in situ TAC
Version V1.0

An important step within the MyOcean project is to uniform existing Real Time Quality Control (RTQC) and quality assurance procedures of the different nations involved. As the MyOcean service is thought to be available at any time and open to anyone, an agreement in good Real Time Quality Control (RTQC) methods and procedures is vital to guarantee high data quality distributed to users via international exchange. The agreement on the implementation of uniform RTQC procedures have the severe potential to overcome the inconsistency within the existing datasets provided actually by the international community.

This document is based upon previous experiences and has the following objectives:

  • “To ensure the data consistency within a single data set and within a collection of data sets and to ensure that the quality and errors of the data are apparent to the user who has sufficient information to assess its sustainability for a task.” (IOC/IODE, Manuals and Guides 26, 1993).

One of the various tasks of the MyOcean project - the Work Package (WP) 15 – deals with the scientific and technical validation of In Situ-TAC (Technical Assembly Centres) products and forms the frame of this document the RTQC procedure for current measurements. WP15 aims to perform operational quality control (QC) of global and regional products as well as to lead scientific assessment validation activities with regional responsibilities. Beside global scale products, regional specifications are performed in the Arctic, the Black Sea, the North-western Shelves, the Baltic Sea, the South-western Shelves and the Mediterranean Sea. It follows therewith the EuroGOOS regional approach, with establishing regional alliances.

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Hammarklint Thomas, Kassis Dimitris, Wehde Henning, Rickards Lesley (2010). Real Time Quality Control of Current measurements within MyOcean and Copernicus in situ TAC. CMEMS-INS-CURRENT-RTQC.