The Advantages of Landsat 8-OLI-Derived Suspended Particulate Matter Maps for Monitoring the Subtidal Extension of Amazonian Coastal Mud Banks (French Guiana)

Type Article
Date 2018-11
Language English
Author(s) Zorrilla Noelia Abascal1, Vantrepotte Vincent1, 2, Gensac Erwan3, Huybrechts Nicolas4, 5, Gardel Antoine1
Affiliation(s) 1 : CNRS, USR3456, F-97334 Cayenne, French Guiana.
2 : Univ Lille, CNRS, Univ Littoral Cote dOpale, Lab Oceanol & Geosci, 32 Ave Foch, F-62930 Wimereux, France.
3 : Univ Bretagne Sud, Lab Geosci Ocean UMR 6538, Rue Andre Lwoff, F-56000 Vannes, France.
4 : Cerema Eau Mer Fleuve, 134 Rue Beauvais, F-60280 Margny Les Compiegne, France.
5 : Univ Technol Compiegne, Sorbonne Univ, Ctr Rech Royallieu CS 60319, Lab Roberval FRE UTC CNRS 2012, F-60203 Compiegne, France.
Source Remote Sensing (2072-4292) (Mdpi), 2018-11 , Vol. 10 , N. 11 , P. -
DOI 10.3390/rs10111733
WOS© Times Cited 15
Note This article belongs to the Special Issue Remote Sensing in Coastal Zone Monitoring and Management—How Can Remote Sensing Challenge the Broad Spectrum of Temporal and Spatial Scales in Coastal Zone Dynamic?
Keyword(s) suspended matter, mud banks, ocean colour, Landsat 8, French Guiana

The coast of French Guiana is characterised by the northwestward migration of large mud banks alongshore and by high concentrations of suspended particulate matter (SPM) resulting from the strong influence of the Amazon River outflow. Surface OLI SPM concentration, linked to the footprint of the subtidal part of mud banks due to resuspension and migration processes, was used to develop a method to estimate the location of this footprint. A comparison of the results from this method with those obtained by locating the limit of the wave damping, which characterises muddy coasts, revealed good performance of the method based on recurring SPM values. The migration rates of the mud banks in French Guiana were calculated according to the delimitation of their subtidal parts, and showed slightly higher values (2.31 km/year) than suggested by earlier studies. In comparison with other methods, the migration rate estimated using the method proposed within the framework of this study takes into account the variability of the shape of the subtidal part for the first time. It was also shown that the mud banks existing on the coastal area of French Guiana present two different shapes. Our results clearly demonstrate the advantage of ocean colour data to describe mud banks according to their subtidal part, delimited using the assessment of SPM temporal variability.

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Zorrilla Noelia Abascal, Vantrepotte Vincent, Gensac Erwan, Huybrechts Nicolas, Gardel Antoine (2018). The Advantages of Landsat 8-OLI-Derived Suspended Particulate Matter Maps for Monitoring the Subtidal Extension of Amazonian Coastal Mud Banks (French Guiana). Remote Sensing, 10(11), -. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :