DGT thresholds adaptation. Cobalt - copper - manganese - zinc

Type Scientific report
Date 2021-06
Language English
Ref. Monitool project. Technical deliverables. WP6. Action 2
Other localization https://www.monitoolproject.eu/images/Publications/Action_2_EQS_adaptation_thresholds_for_other_specific_metals_based_on_existing_EQS_values.pdf
Author(s) Amouroux Isabelle1, Gonzalez Jean-LouisORCID1, Guesdon Stephane1, Menet-Nedelec FlorenceORCID1, Dallet Melissa2
Publisher MONITOOL - Intereg Atlantic Area
Version 1

As DGT results cannot be directly compared to marine water thresholds, the specific objectives of this document is i) to propose a methodology so that DGT results can be applied in a regulatory context notably for establishing the ecological status of waterbodies as regard specific pollutants and ii) to adapt existing thresholds, defined in marine water at national level by a Member State, into DGT thresholds, for cobalt, copper, iron, zinc and manganese.

In order to reach these objectives, an overview of existing thresholds defined for Co, Cu, Fe, Zn and Mn was done, based both on a threshold research in existing databases and on a survey carried on among the MONITOOL partners on the specific pollutant they have defined.

The methodology defined for Pb, Cd, and Ni (WP6 ] action 1) is declined for Co, Cu, Fe, Zn and Mn.

Based on the robust MONITOOL database of dissolved and labile metal concentrations in transitional and coastal waters, a data processing was done in order to propose adapted DGT thresholds.

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Amouroux Isabelle, Gonzalez Jean-Louis, Guesdon Stephane, Menet-Nedelec Florence, Dallet Melissa (2021). DGT thresholds adaptation. Cobalt - copper - manganese - zinc. Monitool project. Technical deliverables. WP6. Action 2. https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00764/87646/