iapesca, a R-package for manipulating and interpretating high resolution geospatial data from fishing vessels

Other titles iapesca, un package R pour la manipulation et l'interprétation de données de géolocalisation des navires de pêche à haute résolution
Type Scientific report
Date 2023
Language English
Ref. R tutorial
Author(s) Rodriguez JulienORCID1
DOI 10.13155/93094
Publisher Ifremer
Version v1

Package source available on https://gitlab.ifremer.fr/iapesca/r-packages_iapesca

These developments have been carried out through the IAPESCA and DELMOGES programs and inspired and guided by the methods and experiences shared during the ICES WKSSFEO in Lisbon in December 2021.

The purpose of this R-package is to provide generic methods for qualifying geolocation data regardless of the source using high-resolution geolocation data for fishing vessels, the methods provided aim at improving the calculation of vessel fishing effort and proposing metrics more suited for passive gears. The applications have been developed for fishing vessels operating nets with following metrics : fishing time, nets length and soaking time. They could easily be used or extended for active gears or other passive gears.

Different methods and tools are proposed for :

 - data preparation : cleaning, fishing trips detection, resampling, linking to vmstools

- calculation of covariates used to implement machine-learning models (iapesca project)

- machine-learning methods : behavioral classifications, novelty detection, optimization of random forest models, etc. . ..

- geo-computation methods allowing the detection and consolidation of passive gears and the detection of setting events by using buffers and scoring

- calculation of gear metrics for passive gears.

Two sessions of this tutorial were offered in hybrid format in Nantes on December 12 and in remote format on January 27.

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