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JDBC Implementation

A JDBC implementation is included with the OAICat package. In theory, it should be possible to customize OAICat to work with any JDBC accessible database by merely changing a few entries in the application's properties file. If the reality isn't so simple, let me know and I can attempt to generalize it still further.

For Microsoft Windows users, a sample Access database named oaicatdemo.mdb is included in the war file distribution. To test the JDBC implementation against this JDBC source, follow these steps:

  1. Copy oaicat.war to Tomcat's webapps directory, restart Tomcat, and test the default configuration.
  2. If it works, start the ODBC Data Source Administrator control panel, click the "System DSN" tab, then "Add...".
  3. Choose "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb).
  4. Type "oaicatdemo" in the Data Source Name box, and browse to select "oaicatdemo.mdb" located in the webapps/oaicat/ directory.
  5. Close the ODBC Data Source Administrator control panel.
  6. Delete webapps/oaicat/WEB-INF/oaicat.properties.
  7. Rename webapps/oaicat/WEB-INF/jdbc.properties to oaicat.properties.
  8. Restart Tomcat and test.

If this works, change the values in webapps/oaicat/WEB-INF/oaicat.properties (formerly jdbc.properties) to suit your needs.

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