OAICat - An OAI-PMH v2 Repository Framework A Project of OCLC Research

SRW/U Implementation

An SRW/U implementation is included with the OAICat package. Any SRW/U database can be configured for OAI access if it conforms to the following (prototype) profile:

  • An oai.identifier index
  • An oai.datestamp index
  • An oai.set scan index (not implemented yet)
  • An OaiHeader recordSchema

Caveat: the details of this profile are still being debated and could change.

To configure OAICat to use the SRW/U implementation, simply rename the sru.properties file to oaicat.properties and bounce the server. If this demo works, edit the oaicat.properties file to change the SRWOAICatalog.sruURL to the target SRW/U service URL and bounce the server again.

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