Jeux de données associés

REPHY-French Observation And Monitoring Program For Phytoplankton And Hydrology In Coastal Waters (2023). REPHY dataset - French Observation and Monitoring program for Phytoplankton and Hydrology in coastal waters. Metropolitan data. SEANOE.

REPHYTOX-French Monitoring Program For Phycotoxins In Marine Organisms (2023). REPHYTOX dataset. French Monitoring program for Phycotoxins in marine organisms. Data since 1987. SEANOE.

Kaelin, Gaelle, Piquet, Jean-Come, Boulben, Sylviane, Cheve, Julien, Derrien, Annick, Lamort, Laure, Marco-Miralles, Francoise, Marzin, Anahita, Meteigner, Claire, Morin, Dimitri, Orsoni, Valerie, Treguier, Cathy, Verin, Francoise, Amouroux, Isabelle, Catherine, Martial, Miossec, Laurence (2022). REMI dataset : the French microbiological monitoring program of mollusc harvesting areas. SEANOE.