SeaDataCloud Mediterranean Ocean Heat Content estimate

Type Scientific report
Date 2021-02
Language English
Ref. Product Information Document (PIDoc)
Author(s) Simoncelli SimonaORCID1, Oliveri Paolo1
Affiliation(s) 1 : INGV, Bologna, Italy
DOI 10.13155/79146
Publisher SeaDataCloud
Version 3

The SDC_MED_DP2 product contains 55 sliding decadal temperature fields (1955-1964, 1956-1965, 1957-1966, …, 2009-2018) at 1/8° horizontal resolution obtained in the 0-2000m layer and two derived OHC annual anomaly estimates for the 0-700m and the 0-2000m layers. Sliding decades of annual Temperature fields were obtained from an integrated Mediterranean Sea dataset covering the time period 1955-2018, which combines data extracted from SeaDataNet infrastructure at the end of July 2019 (SDC_MED_DATA_TS_V2, and the Coriolis Ocean Dataset for Reanalysis (CORA 5.2, accessed in July 2020, The resulting annual OHC anomaly time series span the 1960-2014 period. The analysis was performed with the DIVAnd (Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis in n dimensions), version 2.6.1.

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