Apex, actively positioned exploration system.

A conceptually new, modularly designed exploration system for the deep sea (600 m) has been constructed and tested. In its base unit, different soil sampling tools can be integrated. These are, for the time being, a drill core barrel with 0 48 mm iD and a length of 500 mm for rocky basements as a box corer for softer soils as well as an orange peel grab. Towed along via a coaxial cable from a research vessel, the system is TV-guided and can be actively positioned by means of 2 thrusters in order to be lowered precisely and horizontally levelled on the seafloor. The total system is operated by the help of an onboard computer and may be controlled by sensor displays and operation messages. Microprocessors control the underwater unit which is partially automated. Possibilities for further potential developments are presented. The system yields prospective new exploration methods.


Marine technology, Mineral exploration, Towed vehicles, Research vessels, Geology, Ocean floor

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