The French sardine fishery

Other titles La pêcherie française de sardines
Type Proceedings paper
Date 2006-09-14
Language English
Author(s) Duhamel Erwan
Meeting Ices Working group on the assessment of Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Sardine and Anchovy
Source Working document, Galway, 4-15 September 2006
Mot-Clé(s) chalut pélagique, bolinche, French fishery, sardine, surveycampagne océanographqie, CIEM, PELGAS
Keyword(s) pelagic trawl, purse seine, French fishery, sardine, survey, ICES, PELGAS
Abstract This approach of the French sardine fishery shows mainly that pelagic trawlers are targeting less and less sardine, year after year. In an assessment approach, it would be necessary to define an estimation of fishing effort, but it will be very difficult. We are able to compt the number of fishing days, but not the time of fishing (or number of shoots for example for purse seiners) or time of searching schools. So, accessibility and catchability could be certainly more accurate than the fishing effort for assesment purposes.
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