Management of oyster and mussel culture

Type Article
Date 1990
Language English
Author(s) Heral Maurice, Drinkwaard A., Bohle B., Figueras Antonio, Lavoie R., Maurer Daniele
Source Aquaculture Europe 89 - Special Publication (European Aquaculture Society, Bredene, Belgium), 1990 , Vol. 12 , P. 147-162
Keyword(s) Culture, Mussels, Oysters, Panel report
Abstract The world aquaculture production (fresh and marine waters) achieved 11.1 million tonnes in 1986 (FAO, 1989). The molluscs represented 21 % of the total production. Marine aquaculture with 5.45 million tonnes reached 49% of the total production. The marine cultivated mollusc production was 2.25 million tonnes due mainly to oysters (36%), mussels (34%), clams (16%), and scallops (6%).
As the aquaculture production is clearly identified in the statistics only since 1984, the evolution of the production of oysters and mussels for the last 15 years has been analyzed with the FAO data for the total catch (fisheries and culture). By comparison of the two statistics for the same year (1986), the fisheries represented only 17% for oysters and 16% for mussels. Fig. 1 shows an increase of 37% of the oyster production and a tremendous boosting of 176% for the mussels in the last 15 years. Asian countries (Korea and Japan) increased their production from 40 to 58% of the total oyster production and Europe from 10 to 14% mainly due to French production. North American production had decreased from 38 to 25% in relation with the problems on the East coast particularly in Chesapeake Bay (Héral et al., 1990). For mussels, the expansion of the production was related to the large increase in Asian countries (5 to 24% of the total mussel production) mainly caused by Chinese production. The European production (Spain, Holland, and France) was stable. In 1974, it reached 80% of the world production and in 1987 it represented 68%.
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