Tectonic significance of the Taitung Canyon, Huatung Basin, east of Taiwan (vol 25, pg 95, 2004)

Since the beginning of formation of Proto-Taiwan, the subducting Philippine (PH) Sea plate has moved continuously through time in the N307° direction with respect to Eurasia (EU), tearing the EU plate. The subducting EU plate includes a continental part in the north and an oceanic part in the south. The boundary B between these two domains corresponds to the eastern prolongation of the northeastern South China Sea ocean-continent transition zone. In the Huatung Basin (east of Taiwan), the Taitung Canyon is N065° oriented and is close and parallel to B. Seismic profiles show that the southern flank of the canyon corresponds to a fault with a normal component of a few tens of meters in the sediments and possible dextral shearing. Several crustal earthquakes of magnitude >%6 are located beneath the trend of the Taitung Canyon and focal mechanisms suggest that the motion is right-lateral. Thus, faulting within the sedimentary sequence beneath the Taitung Canyon is a consequence of underlying dextral strike-slip crustal motions. As the continental part of the EU slab located north of B has been recently detached, some subsequent dextral strike-slip motion might be expected within the EU slab, along the ocean-continent transition zone, which is a potential zone of weakness. We suggest that the dextral strike-slip motion along the ocean-continent boundary of the EU slab might trigger the observed dextral strike-slip motion within the overlying PH Sea crust and the associated faulting within the sediments of the Huatung Basin, beneath the Taitung Canyon.


underlying slab deformation along trasition zone, slip fault, right lateral strike, Taitung Canyon

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Sibuet Jean-Claude, Hsu Shu-Kun, Normand Alain (2006). Tectonic significance of the Taitung Canyon, Huatung Basin, east of Taiwan (vol 25, pg 95, 2004). Marine Geophysical Researches. 27 (1). 77-79. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11001-006-8182-3, https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00000/3035/

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