Tectonic significance of the Taitung Canyon, Huatung Basin, east of Taiwan (vol 25, pg 95, 2004)

Type Article
Date 2006-03
Language English
Author(s) Sibuet Jean-Claude1, Hsu Shu-Kun2, Normand Alain1
Affiliation(s) 1 : IFREMER, Ctr Brest, F-29280 Plouzane, France.
2 : Natl Cent Univ, Inst Geophys, Chungli 32054, Taiwan.
Source Marine Geophysical Researches (0025-3235) (Springer), 2006-03 , Vol. 27 , N. 1 , P. 77-79
DOI 10.1007/s11001-006-8182-3
WOS© Times Cited 1
Keyword(s) underlying slab deformation along trasition zone, slip fault, right lateral strike, Taitung Canyon
Abstract Since the beginning of formation of Proto-Taiwan, the subducting Philippine (PH) Sea plate has moved continuously through time in the N307° direction with respect to Eurasia (EU), tearing the EU plate. The subducting EU plate includes a continental part in the north and an oceanic part in the south. The boundary B between these two domains corresponds to the eastern prolongation of the northeastern South China Sea ocean-continent transition zone. In the Huatung Basin (east of Taiwan), the Taitung Canyon is N065° oriented and is close and parallel to B. Seismic profiles show that the southern flank of the canyon corresponds to a fault with a normal component of a few tens of meters in the sediments and possible dextral shearing. Several crustal earthquakes of magnitude >%6 are located beneath the trend of the Taitung Canyon and focal mechanisms suggest that the motion is right-lateral. Thus, faulting within the sedimentary sequence beneath the Taitung Canyon is a consequence of underlying dextral strike-slip crustal motions. As the continental part of the EU slab located north of B has been recently detached, some subsequent dextral strike-slip motion might be expected within the EU slab, along the ocean-continent transition zone, which is a potential zone of weakness. We suggest that the dextral strike-slip motion along the ocean-continent boundary of the EU slab might trigger the observed dextral strike-slip motion within the overlying PH Sea crust and the associated faulting within the sediments of the Huatung Basin, beneath the Taitung Canyon.
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