The social and economic impact of aquaculture : a European review

Type Article
Date 1991-01-
Language English
Author(s) Neiland A.E., Shaw S.A., Bailly Denis
Source Aquaculture and the environment (European Aquaculture Society), 1991-01- , N. 16 , P. 469-482
Keyword(s) Review, Social impact, Economic impact, Europe, Aquaculture
Abstract This paper undertakes a preliminary evaluation of the social and economic impact of aquaculture from both empirical and theoretical standpoints. Drawing initially on background information collected for the Commission of the European Communities (CEC) in a recent study by the European Association of Fisheries Economists (EAFE), a number of important indicators and trends (e.g. production, employment, market structure) are examined which indicate that aquaculture is of increasing significance in many regions. Whilst some socio-economic information is available for ail European countries, this information base is weak in comparison to that for biological and technical aspects of aquaculture and does not permit a comprehensive evaluation at the present time. In theory, however, the continued development of aquaculture will have a significant social and economic impact into the future. The nature of these effects and their implications, with particular reference to planning, resource allocation, and government policy are examined in some detail. Recommendations are also made for future research in this field. NOT CONTROLLED OCR
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