Submarine Niger Delta: Structural Framework


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Numerous data obtained during recent marine geophysical surveys have been compiled together in order to present the structural framework of Niger Delta and adjacent areas. Seismic reflection results show that the delta slope is characterized by intense diapiric deformations and that the overall structure of the delta is fairly comparable to the structures of the Gulf Coast province margin or of Angolan margin. Seismics as well as gravity and magnetic measurements indicate the existence in the vicinity of the Niger delta of two oceanic trends apparently related to an early phase of opening of the South Atlantic. Both trends can tentatively be correlated on land with the major structures known in the southern and northern Benue trough. A comparion between the whole area (Niger Delta and Benue trough) and another intracratonic chain-the Pyrenees mountains - is briefly discussed. [NOT CONTROLLED OCR]

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Mascle Jean (1976). Submarine Niger Delta: Structural Framework. J. Min. Geol.. 13 (1). 12-28.

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