Economic problems of marine fish culture with special reference to bluefin tuna

Type Proceedings paper
Date 1978-05
Language English
Author(s) Hirasawa Y.
Meeting Le thon rouge en Méditerranée. Biologie et Aquaculture. Sète 9-12 Mai 1978
Source Publ. CNEXO (France) (Actes Colloq.)(no. 8)
Mot-Clé(s) Histoire Ifremer
Abstract The culture of bluefin tuna has not yet reached a practical business stage in Japan and it is still only in the experimental stage. But, we do have a long history of yellow-tail Seriola and kuruma shrimp Penaeus culture. Therefore, we are able to consider the economic problems of bluefin tuna culture based on our experience with other mariculture. This paper examines the most important factors affecting the economics of mariculture with special reference to bluefin tuna using the following formula: A/B > a/b A: selling price per kg of marketable fish B: buying price per kg of feed a: conversion ratio from feed to fish b: weight of feed in total cost.
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